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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 30, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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that is its kind of upsetting. >> ann doesn't know what sparked new interest in this case but she is encouraged by developments, keeping in mind other mi high profile case autos when jaycee dugard was found i was thrown for a loop and could not believe that. i thought all of thesecccvu yea, i deserted kevin. you know? i didn't think he was alive. maybe he's alive out there. i went through hell over that. >> nick smith, abc 7 news. >> the search under way fo a gunman in phoenix after a shooting inside of a parj park that left one person dead. the victim is identified as the ceo of fusion contact center. investigators say he got ni
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dispute then opened fire. there iuiúy reports he was representing himself in a civil call action he brought against the call center. another shooting victim is a lawyer. >> that shooting mentioned today during the first congressional hearing about gun violence. that drew a dramatic appeal from gabrielle giffords.)1 >> too many children are dying. too many children. we must do something. >> the hearing included testimony from the national rifle association. the vice president says it rejects bans on some assault weapons and bans president obama support. >> republicans have a proposal to make schools safer.
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and that is stirring up a lot of controversy. nannette miranda has the story tonight from sacramento. >> invoking the name of vicky soto, the teacher killed in the sandy hook massacre, while using her body to shield students. a group of lawmakers proposed a school marshal program to protect campuses from gunmen mod yeld after air marshal who's guard against terrorism and staffers from janitor to principal could be skparmd no ÷ how many are carrying a gun. >> we have a more yap yal obligation that the next vicky soto faced with inexpoliticable even,,s"z that e she not be leftézq+ defenseless. >> school marshals would have to pass a background check to get a concealed weapons permit. one bill would alout use of
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education funds to pay for the program illustrating the divide in the gun control debate in these post-sandy hook times pitting proponents begins gun supporters. >> we laid off thousands of teachers. why would we use the few personnel we have left to be armed guards? when armed guards don't always prevent shootings? >> then there is argument of stray bullets in a battle between a school work skbrer armed intrude yir. >> if you're trying to shoot a shooter that could be dangerous for kids. >> but christina, mother two of was another on the way says she couldn't bear the thought of the kids in a school shooting. >> i am here because if my children were put in a lock down situation i want teachers armed to defend them. i don't want my children to be helpless victim. it accepts school marshals from a provision in california
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public records act requiring disclosure of all counciled weapons permit holders. >> time now for a 49ers update in our week long run up to new orleans. >> yes. two brothers, those two guys have to step aside because parents moved into the spotlight. >> that is right. it was mama and papa today. >> yes. standing room only for the parents you know is in the har harbowl turned them into kind of celebrities. they're a delightful couple. married 51 years, still, so much in love with each other, and so proud to be watching their sons coach against one another ;j,áp:5tq) bowl sunday, here is a sampem. best of jack and jackie the harbaugh parents. >> they're going ask us how we feel. jackie who has it better than
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us? nobody! >> loose lips sink ships. and they both have subscribed to that philosophy. so no one talks to anyone.spi am i talking too much? >> we're so excited for john and jismt to be in this situation. >> there is going to be one win jer one going to be disappointed and my thoughts go to that one that will not experience the thrill of victory. >> what do you do? root for rave dwrobz tie it up? they can't play an endless tie. >> well, i think that the nfl change that had ru. -- rule. if it ends in a tie it will be a tie.'g(> this is fantastic ãit better than us. >> they're great parents. they're not the only family in
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the nfl. vernon davis, his brother plays for the colts. who is going to win the super bowl? all have you to do is consult the stars. we bring in abc 7 wayne freedman who is consulting with i believe the ultimate source. wayne? >> certainly an ultimate source we're on st. peter's street there are more fans appearing and they're all talking about the spread. it's three and a half points in favor of the niners right now. we needed something more specific. so we're hear. house of voodoo. they have a lot of interesting things here. some of which we're not allowed to show you. it's a sacred place if you walk in the back, and have you the right connections, at just
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the right time, and you go behind this screen here, you might get an answer. put your hands over the cards. picture the game. >> in new orleans, you can hire a psychic. a master of the arts. a tarot card reader trying to decipher aó> you're asking me who is going to win. it's a boxing match. it's easier than asking me which team if there are variable autos in new orleans, reverend skomys house of voodoo came>8@&ñ recommended and it's a charming establishment filled with powerful souvenirs. behind the screen, i served as a medium for the 49ersxqxj. someone conflicted and here is what he saw. >> you're dominating first
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quarter, however, they're building momentum. >> so do we have a clear winner? >> your regret is upside down. l is sorrow, sideways if you're going to add that, i can't say i can say it looks pretty g i shore up. so that, dear friends is why card readers make big bucks. have you to wonder why would the ravens bother to show up and play the game? live in new orleans abc 7 news. >> oh, my goodness. i hope you didn't leave money on the table, i might ask for a refund. we do have serious news today from this afternoon and major headlines. chris culliver said he didn't
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want any gay players on 49ers no. we don't got no gay people on the team they've got to get up out of here if they do. 49ers issued an apology and said there is no room for discrimination in this organization. we're coming back in an hour. abc 7 news at 6:00 with our continuing coverage live in new orleans. >> thank you. >> larry, shu, katie and wayne sending out up rate daits good, stuff.lí# their live reports continue all week through super bowl sunday here on abc 7. >> and turn to abc 7 news right after the super bowl, our teams in new orleans and the bay area will be live onnnvd the air with an up to the minute look at how fans are reacting here, and in the beige easy. >> coming up here, niners fever sweeps the bay area, we're going take to you south bay city that is the site of a 49ers new stadium. you're going see how merchants
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are using super bowl to make santda clara the game day destination for fan autos and the bart ban that will be enforced if riders don't clean up their act. abc 7 news
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bart says it will hold meetings about a law that aims to create a safer environment for employees allowing bart to ban anyone from trains or properties for committing certain offenses from violent crime to urine yaiting in public. bans can run from 30 days to a year, if you'd like to know where bart is going hold meetings go to abc 7 and click on see it on tv. >> san francisco fire chief is joining force was mayor ed lee and police chief to help prevent problems after the super bowl on sunday.
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they teamed up here to make an announce oomt let's respect the city of san francisco. no place for bad behavior autos fans are world class, let's show the world how great we are. >> this goal is to prevent a repeat of the violence. >> 49er fever not confined just to san francisco. residents are thrilled about the fact the team is going to be in their own backyard. the new home is changing the landscape in several way autos it is. businesses in z.sfans know and are excite that had in just a year, the team, and that stadium, will be all theirs.
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this is less than half a mile from new stadium. because of the team coming to jant clara, the general manager has made some changes. >> there is more tvs and make it a sports bar, new happy hour menus. >> it has four flat screen tvs to a sports bar with 11"n= and attract then tens of thousands of people and heen long time flanz skront to travel as far. >> it take meez an hour to drive up and back. this is where i get to take light rail. >> brandon likes idea of a hometown team. >> i have never had a team in my hometown besides sharks. >> local businesses are looking forward to the revenue these fans will bring them.
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cjs is luring people in with free food fans have been around here i point out the gourmet menu will undergo a transformation to the chef. >> corn dogs, chilly. and burritoes. >> game. >> now, 49er fans say they're not just going to welcome give that 2013 trophy a new home right here in santa clara. >> thank you. fans are streaming into new orleans for the super bowl. and classic destinations are
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great, it pays to hit the spots that locals prefer just like in the bay area. it's similar but not the same. >> i think difference between french quarters and coming into the city is more of any areas. >> you will get the food down there. this is like for everybody. it's not, you know, something for everybody to eat. >> some say, shopping gets an upgrade, too. >> there are fun things as well. this is a local flare to it. >> shameless plug can make you any shirt you want. speaking of football, the manning brothers grew up in the gardenl#úññ this is their childhood hem. here is the thing. if it's a secreter locals giving it up to the media?
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>> if they want to go shopping, i would say everybody should become and. >> it's not hard to get uptown. you can hop on a trolley or bus. and make sure it's not rain oo we have more fan pictures to share with you. take a look at this, this guy is kaepernicking. these two fans love jersey wearing dogs. >> very good stuff. >> we do have breaking news in san francisco. a woman being rushed to the hospital after falling off a cliff. sky 7 is live above the area now. the national park service says the woman tried to scale down the face of a cliff to rescue
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her dog, then, she fell about 50 feet. the chp chopper was taken to the ho. we're toltd woman is injured. and a crew confirmed the dog is safe but the woman, again on the way to the hospital will update you here on abc 7 news. stay with us. >> we hope she's okay. you may have notice that had)]$h logo tt vit there? there sit? what are the colors. >> check it out. we'll run it all week. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. >> sandhya, gorsus out there it is. from 49ers fever to spring fever check outzj the view her, blue skies above me. temperatures flirting with close to 70 degrees this afternoon.
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look. the colors matching the 49ers colors. skies are clear, looking at live doppler 7 hd you'll notice we're not tracking rain now. we're going to remain clear throughout the night. we're into 50s and 0s today. got up to 69 degrees in oakland. san francisco, 64 degrees. so warmer than average for this time of the year. that is going hold, clear, cool overnight. mild and it will turn cooler bit middle of the week. this satellite and radar here, shots. that means high and dry for the beekd weekend. enjoy this dry pattern.
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you know things will be changing. with this dry weather in store, taking a looking at san francisco, it's a dry month. only 49/100ths of rain so far this month. in 2013 that is the third driest in san franci3l)$f since record keeping began. soit has been dry. you're not imagining things. so speaking of 49ers i want to show you the plan for new orleans. it's looking good there. cool sunshine thursday, sunny, mild for friday. slight chance of rain, then, super sunday, niners going to win what. can i say? here in the bay area tomorrow morning make sure you grab a jacket or a sweater, will be another chilly start under clear skies. 35 in napa.kuccñ 41 in san jose. tomorrow afternoon, mild and
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sunny. santa rosea, napa,o&gvñ fremont. sampb r.san jose, 66 degrees, monterey bay, it's beach weather. here is a look at the forecast. this pattern is going last throughout the weekend. cooler on groundhog day. super bowl sunday, many of you will be enjoying the game. low to mid-60s outside if you're going to take partying outside later on. partly cloudy skies monday. cooler tuesday, checking out wednesday that, is when we'll see cooler weather ask a chance of rain. until then, best advice would be sit back, soak up the sun. enjoit ride while we vit. i'm sandhya patel. that is best advice i've heard all day. thank you very much. >> still to come fastest
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wooden roller coaster in the world. >> and gearing up for the super bowl, michael finney has tips to keep you party hopping and on budget as well. that is at 6:00. don't wait for y to save on a new mattress.
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a military veteran is suing boy scouts for sex abuse he says took place while he was a teenager. he said abuse began in 1978 when he was 14 years old accusing a scout master of getting him tokn strip naked in a mobile home as a survival drill. he says he came forward to encourage other victims to speak out about what happened. >> you're not alone this, is not your fault. it's okay to talk about it. and have you nothing to be
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ashamed about. >> he is able to file this suit only because a law suspends the statute of limitations for service members while on active dutynej. >> san francisco city officials reassured chin with atown merchants their safety is a top prioritylxxo. leaders gathered to announce san francisco safe, safe short for safety awareness for everyone. the campaign hopes to reassure merchants the city will be working to stop crimes targeting merchants, including extortion and robbery. the lunar new year begins february 10, 2013. the year of the snake. >> great america hoping to strike gold with its newest rollercoaster with the help of a crane, highest point of the gold striker was bolted into place today.
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officials say it will be the tallest and fastest wooden 8: coaster in the world. crews say construction is on schedule and the gold strike we are will open this spring. now, for me, tallest, fastest is not a selling point. my kids, however, would love it. >> you talk about goshlgd how about red and gold? niners and ravens counting down to super bowl. which team is in the lead with fans up next. >> and tonight on jimmy kimmel live, magic johnson. jimmy kimmel live airs week nights right here in its new time following carolyn and me with abc 7 news at 11:00.ñcús]ñ
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coming up a better than expected earnings report from
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facebook. and mayor ed lee's safety campaign but sit helping to reassure concerned business ownersúáríwr? a map can give us insight into the super bowl. >> 35 million facebook users this map looks like niners fans dominate the nation. >> ravens fans mostly on the >> i like those results. very good. >> that is is going to do it for us. this is "world news." tonight, a wall of wind roaring across the country, spawning a big tornado. wracking a town. winds so rough, they knock over a freight train and topple a helicopter as it tries to land.
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showdown. congresswoman gabby giffords makes a surprise appearance to push congress on guns and violence. >> the time is now. you must act. >> her opposition? the head of the nra. so, who won the first round? the $275 million man on the ropes tonight? the guy who got all the glamour and the girls. is he about to go down? and, cats going wild. what we just learned today about the secret life of fluffy. scientists track them and discover a kind of feline frankenstein. good evening. we begin with that wall of wind howling across the country tonight. millions


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